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Dedicated Servers – FAQs

What type of hardware do you use?

All our servers are genuine Dell Servers, housed in a state-of-the-art Data Centre. If you are comparing us to other providers please be aware that many companies make “homemade” servers using home computer motherboards in fabricated boxes.

What level of access do I have to my server?

You will have full root or administrator privileges to manage and access your server.

Is there any software installed on the server to help me configure it?

Yes, if you have chosen our Linux CentOS installation then we automatically install WebMin. WebMin is a web based control panel that allows you to do system administration tasks such as configure Apache or setup users. If you want the easiest management possible then we would suggest you add cPanel to your server.

I need to reboot my server, how can I arrange this?

You can reboot your server any time you like. Just visit the “Manage Dedicated Servers” area of your control panel and click the real time reboot option.

How much bandwidth do I get?

Your server comes with a 100mb connection to the Internet, It’s just like having your own leased line. You can transfer as much data as you like within your 100mb line. Don’t get this confused with your broadband at home or work; you don’t share your 100mb with anyone else. 100mb is a huge amount of bandwidth which can support a very busy website, it roughly translates to 25600 GB of bandwidth a month.

Do you have any restrictions on what I can use my server for?

No, as long as anything you do on the server abides with UK law then you are free to use the server for any purpose.

Can I use my server to host videos, stream audio or store large backups?

Yes, you can use your server for any purpose you need.

Where will my server be located?

Your server will be based in our UK Data Centre.

Does the server run RAID disk mirroring?

Yes, all our servers are setup with hardware level RAID mirroring. In the unlikely event of a disk failure this means your server will continue to operate normally. We will be notified of the disk failure and will replace the broken disk for you with no cost or impact to your data or service.