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DS – Control Panel

The control panel

Our control panel makes managing your Dedicated Server a breeze. Some of the features we provide are…

Server Reboot

You can reboot your server any time you like. Just visit the “Manage Dedicated Servers” area of your control panel and click the real time reboot option. This will perform a hardware reboot (power cycle the server).

You should always try and do a proper software reboot if you can, but if you do need to perform a hardware reboot then you are in complete control of this feature 24x7x365.

Add IP Addresses

We setup one IP address as standard and you can add another for free by clicking the option in the “Manage Dedicated Servers” area of your control panel. If you need more IP addresses after that you can buy these for £15 each per year.

Bandwidth Graphs

We automatically graph your servers traffic usage so that you can see how busy your server is.

Custom Work

Sometimes you might need some help with some system or application level problems on your server. Or you might need some new software installing.

If you would like us to carry out system administration tasks on your server then we can provide you with a quote for the work you require.


cPanel & WebHost Manager

cPanel and WHM is the number 1 choice for dedicated server web hosting administration. With tools to keep your server secure, provision customer accounts, transfer accounts from server to server, deploy applications (blogs, cms, etc) and much more, your web hosting operation will jump to light speed with cPanel and WHM.

cPanel & WHM Features

  • Complete Server Administration Interface
  • Unlimited Domains per Server
  • Fully Brandable
  • Fully Featured Domain Owner Interface
  • Separate Server Administrator, Reseller and Domain Owner Interfaces
  • Free Multi-Language Support
  • Free Virus Scanner
  • Free Game Servers