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On this page are download links to various guides and compiled information on the products we offer.

There are also other useful guides which can be downloaded from the Web Hosting Guides page.


One click install software

One of the most comprehensive lists of one click install software available today. Download this guide if you are looking to use leading open source software such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

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goMobi mobile website builder

The future of internet browsing. This guide will help explain the benefits of having a mobile phone optimised version of a website.

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Web Hosting

This text combines compelling reasons to buy your hosting from us, with an overview of our web hosting platform and the wide range of features we have to offer.

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Dedicated Servers

We outline the benefits of dedicated servers and provide answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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Email Hosting

Increase your productivity by buying a business email hosting solution powered by Microsoft Exchange Email 2010 and backed by our web hosting. This guide provides a breakdown of this product’s unique benefits and advantages.

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SSL Certificates

A popular and valuable product, an SSL security certificate is essential for websites prioritising trust and security.

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Web Hosting Control Panel

The web hosting control panel is one of the most advanced available. This guide demonstrates the high level of control, power, flexibility and functionality that comes with our web hosting.

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Website Builder

Website Builder is a fully featured website building tool designed to let anyone create professional, multi-page websites. This introduction describes how easy it is to create a great looking website.

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Search Engine Submission

Explains the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) to any website, and how the Search Engine Submission packages will contribute to their success.

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