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These support pages are provided to help with various aspects of using our products. More in-depth support pages can be found once you have logged in to your account. The collection of items we have here, which include on-line tools and downloadable documents, are intended to supplement that support area.

What if something goes wrong with the servers

If there is any issue with the performance of our servers, there are technicians working 24×7 to ensure things are fixed straightaway, with the minimum amount of disruption. Most of the time you won’t even be aware of any problems. Often things are fixed before any real problem ever occurs. The advanced technology is designed to be fault-tolerant and error-correcting.

Updates, upgrades and other maintenance tasks are usually performed at times when most users are not on line.

Gone are the days when ‘support staff’ were people you phoned, who just read out stock answers to your questions from a prompt sheet. Real technicians spend their time working on the system, making sure you don’t need to call in the first place!

Check the System Status Page

statuspage-120x80On the rare occasion that you might have a problem which doesn’t solve itself within a few minutes you should first of all check the System Status Page to see if there are any reported problems or maintenance tasks being performed on your server. If that is the case then we ask for your patience until they are resolved. It shouldn’t take long.

If there are any issues unresolved or not listed you can post a ticket using our support ticket system. These are placed in a queue for technicians to deal with in the order they are received. Most are dealt with within minutes.

Support Database

We provide a full and comprehensive Support Database which covers a multitude of questions and topics related to all aspects of your Hosting account and Domains. You will need to Login to your account in order to access this database.

Email Configuration

There are email configuration support pages for the most popular email clients: Oulook Express, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Sea Monkey, and iPhone

Site Backup

Backing up your site is one of the most important of maintenance jobs. This page explains in detail how to perform a backup as part of a disaster prevention strategy.

Password Generator

When you can’t think of a suitable password this handy utility will help

Document downloads

We have a section where various documents are available for download. Information is available on the products we supply, and also a Web Hosting guides section.

System Status

Email Client Configuration

Backing Up your site

Password Generator

Document downloads