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The Advanced Control Panel gives you direct access to all the features of your server to put you in complete control.
No more phoning up ‘technical’ when you need to get them to change or install things on your server (after waiting ages in a queue). Everything you need is right there.

Interested to see what you’ve been missing out on?
You can try out the fully functioning demo account by accessing it using the link below. See for yourself the range of outstanding features provided. The accounts have loads of extras and tons of software which we are are giving away for free. There’s nothing to lose by having a look.
Try out the demo for free, and hopefully, once you’re convinced that it really is the best around, we’ll be glad to help you to get your account set up, although you might be surprised with how easy it all is.

Cylonet Control Panel Demo

With a Cylonet hosting account you have access to the server through the Control Panel. Try out the Control Panel Demo, which will allow you to see some of the great features offered. To access the demo click on the link below:

Please note that the following features have been disabled in the Control Panel Demo for security reasons:
File Manager Mailing Lists Scheduled Tasks Free Web Resources


Other On-line Demos

Web Builder Demo

Website Builder is a fully featured Website-building tool designed to let anyone create professional, multi-page Websites. Find out how easy it is to build a website by using the special demo link below.

Web Builder Demo

Web Builder Plus Demo

Website Builder Plus uses the latest in Web Builder technology to create a dynamic and vibrant site with no technical expertise. Find out how easy it is to build a website by using the special demo link below.

Web Builder Plus Demo