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Welcome to the best choice in Web Hosting

At last – reliable and affordable Web Hosting to suit all requirements.

We listened to our customers demands, and we found and delivered what we consider the best hosting accounts available.

They are installed on robust server systems and provide real value and reliability, as well as ease of use.

Extra Features included

Our hosting accounts come with an incredible amount of free extras for which other providers tend to charge quite a lot in additional fees. None of the features or software included with our accounts will incur any extra cost.

See list of features for each account

Take Control..

Our customers are given complete control of their account, which includes lots of easily installable software and extra account features, by use of the fully featured and easy to use Control Panel. No need to phone up a technician when you need to change or install things on your server. Everything you need is all right there, and it saves time and money on calls. Of course we are always available to help if needed.

Domain registrations are made easy by our online checking and ordering systems.
We provide a separate control panel for Domains which also gives customers complete control over their registered domains and at no extra cost.


Read more about the state-of-the-art technology involved in the web hosting platform


Take a guided tour of the Data Centre, built to provide reliability and security.

Dedicated technicians are on duty 24x7x365 working with the aim of zero-downtime.

Try it out for Free

If you’d like to see how it all works have a look at the Online Demo, which is a fully functioning account running in real time (some items have been disabled for security reasons). It will give you an idea of what features are available and how easy the Control Panel is to use.