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Email configuration

Configuring your Email Account

The following pages may help in setting up your email account to send and receive mail.
Examples are given for the most popular email clients:

Outlook Express (version 6)

Apple Mail (version 4.5)

Thunderbird (version 3.1 – also SeaMonkey v.2)

iPhone and iPad



i) POP3 or IMAP? – the difference is explained HERE

ii)  SSL warning messages may occur on mailboxes which use our generic security certificate. These messages can be safely ignored. To stop these messages from appearing make sure that any settings for SSL are unchecked, or purchase an individual security certificate for the domain name.

iii) If you are having problems with sending mail, you may need to change the port for the SMTP server to 587.

Some ISPs block port 25 for the sending of email via SMTP. AOL and Orange are known to be amongst such ISPs, though there are also others. If this happens, setting SMTP to port 587 instead of port 25 should allow you to send email without any problem.


This article describes the advantages of IMAP over POP